SOMA Holistic Coaching

Schedule a 1-on-1 SOMA Holistic Coaching Session with Kyle. In this private session you will dive deep into NeuroSomatic Breath Training with the elements of self-health: Meditation, Breathwork, Bodywork, and Nutrition. We will work through whatever blocks or challenges you may be facing in your life, and unlock your hidden potential that is waiting to be awakened. You will walk away feeling refreshed, energized, and motivated to achieve your goals!

Elements of Self-Health:

SOMA Breath is great therapy and training for:

  • Physical Health & Wellness 
  • Trauma & Emotional Release 
  • Mental Focus & Peak Performance
  • Spiritual Awakening

Book a Session Below:

SOMA Holistic Coaching
  • 60 Minute Session
SOMA Holistic Coaching
  • 90 Minute Session
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