SOMA Energized Meditation Class

SOMA Breathwork Class – 75 min breathwork class combining music, a sequence of breathwork techniques and meditation. Wear comfortable clothes, Yoga style clothing is perfect. All breathwork techniques should be done on an empty stomach, or at least 1-2 hrs before eating a full meal.  

You will practice:

  • Neurobics: Warm-up and Body Activation
  • Homing: Grounding and Toning AUM
  • Inner Sun Meditation: Heart Centering with Gratitude
  • Seeding the Imagination: Intention Setting Visualization
  • Soma Breathwork: Rhythmic Breathing and Kumbhaka for IHT

A high intensity training for your soul and spirit. A sequence of therapeutic breathwork techniques for Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) combined with rhythmic brainwave music and guided meditation that awakens practitioners to their full human potential.

There are 3 Phases:
1. Neurobics Movement Dance: ambidexterity training in the form of a dance to harmonize both hemispheres of the brain, cleanse the cerebrospinal fluid, and detox the lympathic system of the body
2. Chanting AUM: Toning that uses sound vibrations to switch on the parasympathetic NS, and activate the endocrine system
3. SOMA Awakening Breathwork: Daily dose of IHT for better fitness, stamina, energy, bringing you into a state of Meditation to defrag the thought files, and get into the flow

* Increase cardiovascular health for more stamina, endurance, better fitness
* Balance your nervous system
* Reduce inflammation
* Increase aerobic capacity and oxygen efficiency
* Manage stress, reduce anxiety, and help treat depression
* Emotional processing and trauma release
* Calm and clear the mind for better judgement and decision making

* acute somatic and viral diseases
* chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD-II and COPD-III)
* chronic diseases with symptoms of decompensation or terminal illness
* individual intolerance of oxygen insufficiency
* cancer, unless IHT is prescribed by a doctor
* preganancy
* people with epilepsy, pacemakers or heart arrhythmias, unless with doctors permission

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