The Science of SOMA

The Legend of SOMA

“We have drunk Soma and become immortal; we have attained the light, the Gods discovered. Now what may foeman’s malice do to harm us? What, O Immortal, mortal man’s deception? Absorbed into the heart, be sweet, O Indu, as a kind father to his son, O Soma, As a wise Friend to friend: do thou, wide-ruler, O Soma, lengthen out our days for living”

– The Rig Veda

The legend of Soma tells of a sacred ritual that the ancient rishis would indulge in during the golden age of the vedic tradition. In this time period the population was much smaller and resources were more abundant. People lived more peacefully and harmoniously.

This legendary ritual is thought to have involved the ingestion of a psychedelic plant. The identity of which has still not been confirmed by historians. It is claimed to be a mysterious and magical ritual that would allow the rishis to commune with the Gods and have direct Divine downloads of wisdom that would aid the betterment of society. It is also thought to be the same ritual that would allow the rishis to create superhuman powers, overcome death and lead to immortality.

These inspirational visions would go on to inspire the verses of the Rig Veda, an ancient text that forms the origins of yoga, ayurveda, tantra, Hinduism and Buddhism. However according to legend at one point in time Soma ran out. This forced people to go inward in order to seek new ways to get to the same ecstatic states that allows connection to the divine.

SOMA Awakening Breathwork

The SOMA Awakening Breathwork is a multi-sensory, energized meditation experience that combines ancient pranayama, or breathing techniques, euphoric tribal music, and guided imagery. This breathwork technique is the exact process we use to achieve a mind-blowing, endogenous psychedelic experience that transitions our students into peak levels of ecstasy and happiness, all without using outer substances. It is designed to help participants become very efficient at using oxygen, and to build a tolerance to carbon dioxide through a process called Intermittent Hypoxic Training. This process helps correct your breathing so that your normal rate of breathing at rest is 3-4 breaths per minute. On average people breathe 10+ breaths per minute. Very sick or highly stressed people breathe over 20+ breaths per minute. This can help protect against disease, balance your emotions and help you be more in the flow.

New research shows that intermittent hypoxic training, where you create brief periods of low oxygen levels, can produce almost instantaneous results by actually stimulating stem cells to come out of their niches and move around the body and to places where they can heal and regenerate healthy cells for your organs.

This form of therapy has been used by Russian doctors for decades to treat a number of diseases such as coronary heart disease, and even to improve recovery time from injury and athletic training. Stamina and endurance is also enhanced as intermittent hypoxia stimulates the production of new muscle tissue, red blood cells and even blood vessels.

Medical clinics use expensive equipment for IHT making the cost of this treatment in the thousands, however the SOMA Awakening Breathwork creates the same effect using the power of just your breath! The breathwork meditations are designed to give a daily dose of IHT that models the IHT protocol that is currently used therapeutically that uses machines. This leads to the adaptive changes and improved oxygen efficiency training you for a lower resting breathing rate.

Breathwork also has the power to peel back the many layers of your psyche, revealing your subconscious meta-programming. These are hardwired beliefs, habits and imprints that have shaped your future and world view since birth. Through special breathing exercises combined with hypnotic suggestion, that is The Awakening ritual, you can reimprint the subconscious operating system with a new more empowered set of habits and beliefs that will lead to your eventual liberation and un-robotization.

IHT (Intermittent Hypoxic Training) is contraindicated in the case of:

  • Severe/critical diseases or infections
  • Organ failure or late-stage terminal cancer
  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Pacemakers, or irregular heart beat (Unless with doctor’s permission)

Intermittent Hypoxia Research

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