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Kyle is a certified SOMA Breath Instructor, helping others access their full potential and Awaken the SOMA within using the power of the breath. Kyle’s journey of healing and transformation began in High School, with a Spiritual Awakening that brought him to the path of yoga and meditation. Influenced by the lives and experiences of spiritual Gurus such as Ram Dass and Paramahansa Yogananda, he began studying and practicing Raja Yoga. After noticing the similarities and interconnectedness of many of the world’s different spiritual, mystical, and esoteric traditions, he began formulating his own practice, harmonizing various techniques and exercises from Kundalini Tantra, Kriya Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Dream Yoga, Taoist Alchemy, Hermetic Alchemy, and Shamanism. Also a musician, Kyle is a creative alchemist at heart who loves to mix together various elements of whatever he is working with, and forming them into his own personal expression. 

Kyle’s first breakthrough experience with breathwork (beyond pranayama exercises taught in traditional yoga) was with the Wim Hof Method. Astounded by Wim’s amazing breath technique, Kyle knew immediately that breathwork was his path. He further studied breathwork with Anthony Abbagnano, founder of Alchemy of Breath, where he was able to dive deeper into the process of healing with a six week Hero’s Journey, following Joseph Campbell’s outline for psychological development and personal transformation. Serendipity led Kyle to Niraj, the founder of SOMA Breath, where he seemingly found the holistic system he had been dreaming about putting together himself. Being one of the first SOMA Instructors ever trained, he is now living his dream – awakening others to the magic of conscious breathing, and helping to turn their own dreams into a reality.

Kyle has developed Soma Alchemycombining everything he has learned over the years into a holistic health and wellness practice for the modern day spiritual seeker. Soma Alchemy gives you the tools to overcome challenges and blockages such as stress, anxiety, trauma, fatigue, and dis-ease by showing you how to balance various aspects of the Body, Mind, and Soul through ancient practices of Meditation, Dreamwork, Breathwork, Yogic Bodywork, and Shamanic Diet. He is also the manager of the SOMA music label, Breathe In Beats.

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